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Do you need your cases closed fast and efficiently? Then RAEK Civil Process is your number one choice when it comes to effective civil process services. Contact us immediately for more information. Our professionalism and military experience sets us undeniably above the rest.

RAEK Civil Process is a professional organization dedicated to providing expert assistance in getting cases closed as quickly as possible. We are continuously committed to ensuring that our clients get accurate and speedy service at very affordable rates. At RAEK Civil Process, we are complete professionals and our professionalism is underpinned in everything we do.

Professional Services

We offer a range of Civil Process Services, to include Citations, Writs, Sabena’s, Percept, mobile notary etc. 

Amazing Results

A significant advantage RAEK Civil Process has is the military experience of our operators. As a veteran of the US Army, I have a no-nonsense approach and a get-in-there mentality, which I instill into all operators at RAEK Civil Process.